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Our Conveyancing Services in Sydney

  • Review of purchase contracts
  • Preparation of sale contracts
  • Same-day contract review
  • Negotiating contract amendments
  • Arranging and reviewing inspection reports
  • Arranging and attending property settlements
  • Independent legal advice for guarantor documents
  • Grant eligibility and stamp duty exemption advice
  • Negotiating cooling-off period extensions
  • Coordinating with lenders and mortgage brokers
  • Explaining complex off-the-plan purchase contracts

Our Reviews

Same-Day Contract Review

At RS Law Group, we know how competitive it is to buy a home in Sydney and other parts of NSW. For this reason, we provide same-day contract reviews to quickly identify any potential red flags. This can save you both time and money by avoiding costly issues in the future. Make your offer with complete confidence, knowing we have you covered!


Different Types of Property Transactions

Private Treaty

A private treaty is the standard method of buying real estate, where a property is listed for sale with a specific asking price, and potential buyers make offers to the agent. This process allows for negotiations on price, terms, and conditions between the buyer and seller. One of the primary benefits of a private treaty sale is the opportunity for buyers to include conditions in their offer, such as financing approval or satisfactory building inspections, providing a level of security and flexibility not always present in other forms of property transactions.

Off-the-Plan or House and Land

The construction surge around Sydney has led to the growing popularity of house and land packages and off-the-plan purchases. These refer to purchasing a property based on the developer or builder’s plans before it is built. Buyers may be able to secure a property at a lower price months or even years before construction finishes. This can appeal to investors and first-home buyers looking to secure a good deal. However, there are additional risks for purchasers as you’re buying something that has not been built.


Auctions are a common type of property sale in areas where the market is highly competitive. Unlike private treaties, auctions have no cooling-off period. This means the buyer must do all property due diligence, such as building and pest inspections and financial approvals, before the auction. On the day of the auction, participants bid against one another, with the property going to the highest bidder, provided the bid meets or exceeds the reserve price set by the seller. The winning bidder is legally bound to complete the purchase immediately and pay the initial deposit if successful.

About Us

Rania Shashati is a highly experienced property solicitor offering conveyancing services throughout Sydney and NSW. For us, every client matters. With decades of experience and unparalleled expertise in conveyancing, we have been trusted by thousands of buyers and sellers to look after their conveyancing needs and assist with other property law matters where necessary. Our goal is to streamline the conveyancing process and make it as stress-free and transparent as possible for our clients. Whether buying your first home, downsizing or expanding your investment portfolio, we can help you with all your conveyancing needs to ensure a smooth and successful process.

Our Clients

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Property purchases can be complex, and daunting whether it is your first home or tenth. We guide you through the entire process, explain your rights and identify potential grants and exemptions you may be eligible for if applicable. We also perform extensive searches to identify potential issues, such as disputes and encumbrances, which can affect your purchase later. We also advise on contract terms, stamp duty, deposit payments and additional costs involved in property ownership transfer so you are fully aware of your obligations.

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We can streamline the process for property sellers by drafting the contract and handling all the legalities of transferring property ownership. We negotiate on your behalf and ensure all obligations are met, managing all the paperwork from start to finish. Our expertise lies in quick and effective resolution to facilitate a smoother transaction, minimising your stress and keeping you informed at every step of the sales process.

Serving Sydney and Greater NSW

At RS Law Group, we can service any part of Sydney or NSW, providing in-person and video consultations where necessary. Some areas we cover (but not limited to):

  • Auburn

  • Western Sydney

  • Bondi

  • Cabramatta

  • Campbelltown

  • Fairfield

  • Sydney CBD

  • Hills District

  • Central Coast

  • Liverpool

  • Newcastle

  • North Shore

  • Northern Beaches

  • Parramatta

  • Smithfield

  • Central Coast

  • Southern Highlands

  • Coffs Harbour

  • Wollongong

  • Mid North Coast

Our Process


Initial Consultation

The first step is to meet or call us and tell us your situation, whether you are a property seller or buyer. This is a good time to address all your concerns so we can help you make the best possible decision. Here, we will also discuss fees and timelines for completing the tasks based on your situation. We provide fixed-fee conveyancing services for both buyers and sellers for complete transparency.


Pre-Contract Stage

This is where the groundwork is laid whether you are a buyer or seller. In the pre-contract stage for sellers, we are responsible for the Contract of Sale. This will include all essential legal information about the property, inclusions and everything else that needs to be disclosed. For buyers, we can provide a same-day contract review before you commit to buying to ensure you’re aware of the risks and obligations associated with the purchase.



Once the vendor and purchaser have exchanged contracts, we conduct property searches if you’re the buyer, as well as communicate with the vendor’s conveyancer if alterations are required to the sale price or settlement date. For sellers, we will negotiate to ensure your interests are protected in the sale.



We liaise with banks, brokers, real estate agents, and NSW Land Registry Services to help make settlement day as smooth as possible. In NSW, property settlement happens electronically through the PEXA system, a digital settlement platform used across Australia.

Common Contract Terms and What They Mean

Contract of Sale

A contract of sale for a house is a legally binding agreement between buyers and sellers detailing the terms under which the property will be sold. It typically includes the property’s sale price, description, fixtures and fittings to be included or excluded, cooling-off periods, and payment and settlement terms.

Inclusions and Exclusions

Inclusions refer to items the buyer is entitled to as part of the agreement. These often include fixtures, fittings, and any other item explicitly listed in the contract. Exclusions detail items not included in the sale. Clearly outlining inclusions and exclusions will help prevent disputes later.

Title Search

A title search provides detailed information about the legal ownership and property title. It outlines any existing restrictions that might affect the property. This serves as a formal record, ensuring that the seller has the legal right to sell the property and that the buyer understands their obligations when purchasing.

Special Conditions

Special conditions are additional terms the buyer and seller agree upon, supplementing the standard sale contract terms. These may include finance approval, building and pest inspection, and the buyer’s sale of another property. Legal advice is important to ensure these special conditions are enforceable.

Vendor Statement

A vendor statement requires the seller to disclose certain details in the contract. Some compulsory documents include a zoning certificate, Certificate of Title, drainage diagrams and any other important document to be attached to the contract. The contract can be voided without these documents.

Cooling-Off Period

A cooling-off period is a legal timeframe that allows buyers to reconsider after exchanging contracts. This is five business days, but many are extended to ten, giving the buyer enough time to secure unconditional property finance. Cooling-off periods do not apply to properties bought in an auction.

Vacant Possession or Subject to Lease

Vacant possession is when a property is delivered to a buyer free from occupants or things. The buyer can occupy the premises soon after settlement. Subject to lease means tenants occupy the property while it sells. A new owner buys the property with the existing lease and may make another tenant arrangement.

A Solicitor Who Provides Fixed-Price, Comprehensive Conveyancing Services

As an experienced solicitor in property law, RS Law Group is dedicated to providing efficient and reliable conveyancing services at fixed and transparent prices, so you always know upfront what you are paying. We aim to keep our prices affordable, reinforcing our commitment to making our legal services accessible to all, whether you are buying or selling a property.

Purchasing a property is an important decision with significant financial and legal implications, so it is important to work with someone you can trust to do the right thing by you.

Throughout, we aim to make the path to buying and selling property in Sydney as smooth and transparent as possible, empowering you to confidently make informed, stress-free decisions.

If you are looking for a solicitor who can provide valuable conveyancing services, contact RS Law Group today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you help first-home buyers?

Buying your first property can be extremely daunting. As an experienced solicitor providing conveyancing services in the famously competitive Sydney market, we have assisted hundreds of first-time homebuyers, providing extensive guidance on contracts. We also advise on stamp duty concessions and first homeowner grants, perform due diligence checks, negotiate on your behalf and identify clauses or terms that may not be in your best interests.

Can you help with house and land contracts?

Absolutely! With the number of new estates coming up around Sydney, house and land contracts have become common. We can review house and land contracts, perform comprehensive checks and explain legal terms clearly. We carefully read all clauses to ensure the terms and timelines are fair and justified. We can also organise land surveys to confirm the property boundaries are accurately represented. Our property law expertise in this area helps prevent costly mistakes and provides peace of mind for buyers.

How long does the conveyancing process take?

A typical conveyancing timeline is about six weeks from the exchange of contracts through to final settlement. However, several factors, such as extended settlement periods, existing property disputes, or discrepancies, may influence this. A standard contract provides for a 42-day settlement period. However, this may be negotiable depending on the discussion between the buyer and seller. This is usually noted on the front page of the sales contract.

What is the difference between a solicitor and a conveyancer?

The difference between a solicitor and a conveyancer is notably the scope of their legal expertise and services. A solicitor is a qualified legal professional who can offer a full range of property law services, including conveyancing. A conveyancer focuses exclusively on buying and selling property. A solicitor like RS Law Group can offer broader legal expertise and advice in property law and other legal areas, which can be particularly beneficial in more complex situations.

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